Eight Easy Ways You Can Earn Money Online For Free

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Let’s start with the first one. Do you know you can make money searching and shopping online? Qmee.com is an online companion app which, according to their site, gives “ shoppers the ability to search, earn, and save.” All you have to do is create a Qmee account, and while surfing the internet or doing your online shopping, it will show you offers that have cash reward that you can take advantage of from the major brands.

2- Watch videos and get paid

Do you like watching videos on your computer or smartphone? Inboxdollars is for you. They have been around since 2000, and you earn money by watching videos, completing polls, or reading paid emails from your computer or tablet. Companies pay them to show consumers news about their upcoming movies, products, and services. As you watch their videos, you will see virtual cards to scratch off, and which can worth $0.05 to $0.25,. You get  $5.00 to start when you sing up with them.

3- Get paid for your opinion

Online Surveys are another fast way to make money online in your free time. You can earn from $0.05 to $35 per survey. A good one to try is Swagbucks. You get invited through Swagbucks to participate in market research and other opinion surveys. Once you complete the survey to Swagbucks, reward you, and you can cash out either using your Paypal account or Visa gift cards.

4- Create Youtube videos

With millions of people using Youtube every day for different reasons, it has become the advertiser platform of choice. You can create videos about anything from how-to videos to exercise videos. The sky is the limit, and you get paid when Youtube plays advertisements on your videos. To start making money with Youtube, however, you need to have at least 1K subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months, so you need to create exciting videos so you can have a lot of subscribers.

5-Selling your arts

Are you an artist, designer, photographer, or even wanted to explore the artistic side of you? RedBubble is a print on demand service where you can display your work, and when a customer buys your Tshirts,  cards, print framed, they will print them for you and take a commission. So you don’t keep any inventory, no customer service, or shipping required; they take care of all that. All you have to do is create an account and a shop with your artworks.  

6-Share your passion

Are you passionate about something, and would you like to share it with others? Then Skillshare is the right place to share while making money. You get paid for every minute someone watches your videos. 

7-Write articles

If you are good at writing, you can earn up to $50 for an article, and you don’t have to be a professional.  All you have to do is signup with Textbroker as a freelancer, and when their clients submit a request, you will write the article for them and get paid.

8- Completing a variety micro tasks

Image by William Iven from Pixabay

 Lastly, we have clickworker, which is a platform where you can work on a small project like proofreading, writing, searching for information on the internet, completing surveys, app testing, and more. No qualification required to work on a task, and once you are done, you get paid.  

Those are some ways you can make money online and you don’t need to do all of them. Find something you are passionate about and give it your best.

Seven Legit Ways To Make Money From Home

Earning money is an art, and an artist knows how to do the magic to make their bank statement look stunning. You don’t need to travel, getting up early, and you don’t need to invest anything, but you can earn more than working a nine to five job. You must be wondering how that can be possible? Well, it is not difficult. There are some easy ways to start making money working from home working for yourself. The basic requirements are a laptop, an internet connection and I’ll give you some idea of where to start. There are so many people all around the globe who are doing so and fulfilling their dream. Let’s cover some legit ways to make money from home.

1. Write Your Thoughts And Shoot Your Clips 

People who do blogging and Vlogging generally get paid for traveling, trying new food, or presenting their creative thoughts in the form of words. 

You need to enhance your writing skills and present your innovative ideas in the most presentable way. This is how blogging happens, but your writing should show your emotions, and that’s how a good blogger earns millions. In case you don’t mind sharing your personal life is good, and you are confident in front of a camera, Vlogging can work for you.

2. Teach English Or Online Courses 

You should know how to speak good English and have expertise in any subject. Both of these things can help you make money online by working as many as for 2 hours a day.

3. Write A Review About Someone’s Product

Promoting other brands by using your writing skills can serve a mutual purpose showing your writing skills as an influencer and getting paid for it. Many companies will pay you well for your positive reviews of their product. All it takes is your excellent writing skills, and in just  3 hours, you could earn lots of money. Product review is essential nowadays before making a purchase.

4. Find Bugs And Get Money For Reporting 

If you are technical and can pay attention to details, you can try bug hunting. Finding bugs in software is an easy task if you know how certain functionality should work. It is similar to spot the difference game.

5. Part-time Customer Support   

Working for a company and helping their customers in solving their inquiries is something pretty easy for everyone. Your willingness to help others can be an easy way to make money from home. 

6. Sell Someone’s Else Products And Earn Commission  

You must have wondered about some investment which doesn’t take anything from you but gives you lots of money. The time has come when you can also earn through such ways where you need to sell someone’s product based upon the commission. You can try dropshipping on eBay or promoting affiliate products.

7. Your Creativity Could Help In Designing 

Your creativity can help you make money from home. You can create some beautiful designs on cloth and stitch dresses for people. People don’t look at the amount when they feel wow about a dress or something that makes them feel beautiful. You don’t need much investment for that, but the returns are going to be huge. 


There are plenty of ways which could help you make money from home without any investment. You have to find your area of interest and take action right away. You will be in control of your time and be your boss while earning a nice income.

Nine Easy Ways to Make Money Online

With the advent of technology, earning money is now not only limited to an outdated offline route. The Internet has given people numerous ways to make money online and escalate their monetary inflow. 

Before choosing any online platform to earn money, you have to be sure of its authenticity. The majority of making money online strategies are not complicated. However, if you start any work online, it takes time to grow. The work will grow slowly and will then generate your income. You have to be patient if you choose to make money online. Miracles do not happen overnight. You have to stick to the job and be determined enough to convert it into your income generating source.

Let us have a look at some ways to make money online.

Freelancing: Freelancing is one of the most common ways to make money online. Several websites on the Internet offer freelance work to the people having varying skills. The first step to begin freelancing is to create an account. Second, browse through the items and choose a one that matches your skillset. At some websites, you can even create your listing, so that the customers can interact with you directly. Various sites like upwork.com and freelancer.com provide numerous freelancing jobs. 

However, before starting freelancing, you have to remember one thing. You will only be paid once you complete a task, and the client approves it. Initially, the process may involve multiple revisions, but you get better with time and hard work.

Start your website: There is plenty of material available online. You can accumulate the data and start your website. First, you have to choose your area of interest and the services you want to provide to customers. All these things require proper planning and execution. After that, you have to choose a domain, layout, templates, and design for your website. The next step is to sign up for Google AdSense. After signing up, you will get a unique code from Google that you have to paste on your website. Google then tracks your traffic, views, and earnings. More traffic means more money.  

Affiliate marketing: Once your website is running successfully, you can start affiliate marketing. You will need to signup individually with companies that offer affiliate marketing, or you can open an account with Clickbanks or amazon.

The way it works is by placing various companies’ web links on your website. When any user goes on these links and buys their products and services, you can make money from it. It is like a mutual or symbiotic association.

Language translating: You can make a lot of money online by working as a language translator, knowing any foreign language other than English can prove to be a good income source. Several websites on the Internet offer translation assignments in which you have to translate documents in one language to another. This includes French, Arab, Spanish, and German to or from English.

Since this job is very time consuming, these companies hire translators from anywhere in the world and you can earn an excellent income doing translation work.

Online Tutoring: If you have a solid command on any subject, you can even start online Tutoring. Online Tutoring helps you to connect to students of different ages. You can teach people across the globe and make a lot of money. People tend to pay a good deal of money to brilliant tutors

For this, you can create your profile on different websites like Vedantu.com or Bharat Tutors.com. Mention your expertise, your experience, and your qualifications and send a ake your teaching demo. Once you are selected, you can teach online according to your convenience.

Virtual Assistance: Virtual assistants do all the corporate work online from home. They manage those aspects of business for their clients that the clients cannot handle themselves. Their services include data entry, bookkeeping, marketing, tech support, customer service, social media management, and event planning.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant requires certain qualifications such as being fluent in English and know various applications such as MS Office.

YouTube: YouTube is a sure shot way to earn money. If you have talent, all you have to do is to take a camera and start recording your videos. Make videos on any subject you are good at. Make sure that your videos are interesting enough to gain maximum views. 

For this, you have to create your YouTube channel first and then start uploading your videos. You will start making a reasonable amount of money after your channel gains popularity as well as subscribers.

Web Designing: Every business needs a website. Since all the business owners are not tech-savvy, they hire web designers to set up their websites and manage them. If you are a skilled web designer, you can offer your service online, and you can start making money from this job.

Content Writing:

The field of content writing is vast. There are varieties of niches on which you can write articles for various websites. You will get more clients, and you can charge more depending on the quality of your writing.

The Internet is known as a network of networks. There are numerous other ways also to make money online, like podcasting, doing surveys, webinars, etc. You need inspiration, and then you can create a success story of your own.

How to find unclaimed money held by the government that belongs to you

What is unclaimed money? Unclaimed money is money that businesses or the government owe to you. The money can be from checks that you did not cash during the allotted time, inactive bank accounts, safe deposit, insurance policies, annuities, or escrow accounts.

If there were no activity on a bank  or a brokerage accountfor at least a year or when important notices mailed to you are returned undeliverable to the company then they consider the account as inactive.  In those instances, the money or property is turned over to the State, which will use various ways to find the rightful owner.  Most states use the national unclaimed property database  MissingMoney.com so the residents can check for unclaimed money; however, you may have to check individual company as shown below.

You can search for unclaimed money for free and follow the procedures outline by the State to claim that money or property.

For unclaimed money in your State

You can go to https://unclaimed.org, but if you have lived in several states it is best to search the national unclaimed property database https://www.missingmoney.com/en/

For money from past employers

You can visit the Department of Labor website https://webapps.dol.gov/wow/

For unclaimed pensions visit the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation  https://www.pbgc.gov/search-unclaimed-pensions

Money from Tax Refunds

Visit the IRS website  https://www.irs.gov/refunds

Money from Failed Banks

During the last decade financial crisis, a lot of banks failed so you can check for unclaimed money here https://closedbanks.fdic.gov/FUNDS/FundsNET/Funds

FHA Insurance

If you had an FHA insured mortgage, you might be eligible for a refund

Money From Insurance Companies

VA Insurance Benefits visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs database if you are a policyholder or their beneficiaries  https://insurance.va.gov/UnclaimedFunds

Credit Union failures


Companies who owe investors money

Visit the Security and Exchange Commission website https://www.sec.gov/divisions/enforce/claims.htm