How to find unclaimed money held by the government that belongs to you

What is unclaimed money? Unclaimed money is money that businesses or the government owe to you. The money can be from checks that you did not cash during the allotted time, inactive bank accounts, safe deposit, insurance policies, annuities, or escrow accounts.

If there were no activity on a bank  or a brokerage accountfor at least a year or when important notices mailed to you are returned undeliverable to the company then they consider the account as inactive.  In those instances, the money or property is turned over to the State, which will use various ways to find the rightful owner.  Most states use the national unclaimed property database so the residents can check for unclaimed money; however, you may have to check individual company as shown below.

You can search for unclaimed money for free and follow the procedures outline by the State to claim that money or property.

For unclaimed money in your State

You can go to, but if you have lived in several states it is best to search the national unclaimed property database

For money from past employers

You can visit the Department of Labor website

For unclaimed pensions visit the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

Money from Tax Refunds

Visit the IRS website

Money from Failed Banks

During the last decade financial crisis, a lot of banks failed so you can check for unclaimed money here

FHA Insurance

If you had an FHA insured mortgage, you might be eligible for a refund

Money From Insurance Companies

VA Insurance Benefits visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs database if you are a policyholder or their beneficiaries

Credit Union failures

Companies who owe investors money

Visit the Security and Exchange Commission website

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